Why Teacher’s Training Is Inevitable in the Current Education Scenario of the Country

The education landscape in India is changing and it’s changing rapidly. In the past 2 years the country experienced two major disruptions in the education sector.

First, it was the massive digitalization of education after the Corona Virus outbreak and then it was Government’s newly implemented design of the education system – National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

The National Education Policy 2020, approved by the Union Cabinet of India, is a broad framework that covers everything from elementary to higher education, including vocational and skill training. The policy’s goal is to establish a national curricular and pedagogical framework through the use of different teachers’ and learners’ tools, digital tools and global associations.

One of the proposed features is a quality learning environment that uses ICT tools for training and experiential learning. And thus our teachers need to be at par with the changes that the education system in the country is going through. For teachers to better cope with the needs of our future generation, teacher’s training is important that has these few important aspects:

1. To Create Value

Teachers play a vital role in society as they are entrusted with the responsibility of educating future generations. In order to be successful in their role, educators need to be able to interact with different kinds of students, including international students, non-urban students, and working professionals.

They need to understand the requirements, skills, experiences, and challenges of each student so they can develop content and a teaching method that is relatable and understandable to all.

2. The Ability to Multitask

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many sectors to go digital, and education was no exception. Exams, lectures, assignments and grading, all had to be moved online, which meant that teachers needed to be constantly trained in different learning systems. Schools and colleges across the world continued to operate, which placed additional pressure on teachers.

Teachers also had to take on additional roles, such as being a tutor, coach, mentor, counsellor and friend. They needed to provide more than just academic knowledge; they also had to help students understand and manage their mindset

3. The Ability to generate more Content as per Demand

As we move towards a more digital form of learning, the demand for constantly evolving and engaging content remains a priority. The pandemic has led to a shift from traditional classroom learning to online learning, which has demanded new formats of content generation and delivery.

Thus, it is imperative that we train teachers to cope with these new demands and add value to the future hybrid classroom environment envisioned by the Government.

4. To Provide Global Standard of Education

As part of its vision, NEP 2020 emphasized the objective of making India a global knowledge superpower. In fact, there are regulatory mechanisms in place that allow dual degrees, joint degrees, twinning arrangements among others that foster academic collaboration with foreign higher educational institutions.

Educators are encouraged to build relationships and learning through these tie-ups to help understand and adopt global pedagogies and R&D methodologies for the learner community. This will not only help build a strong foundation for learners but also make them more employable on a global scale.

5. To Offer Good Vocational Training As Well

NEP 2020 aims to improve both vocational and academic skills. Educational institutes are now expected to provide experiential learning through creative and logical reasoning skills, vocational skills, mathematical thinking and skills such as data science and coding.

This means that educators need to be trained to create a more holistic learning experience for students. This would include components of digital literacy, scientific temperament and computational thinking.

Student spend 6-8 hours at school daily for about 15 years of their life. Teachers not only have the ability to influence children in a positive way but also to make them think, create, and learn skills beyond classrooms. As parents, you must consider a teacher’s approach towards their child and then make an informed decision.

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