Podar Schools Outside India

Podar Schools Outside India

An initiative designed for CBSE/ICSE Schools outside India to partner with Podar Education Network and deliver the Best Quality Education.

As CBSE/ICSE Schools spread outside India, Podar Education Network invites you to join hands with us in providing quality education globally. Upcoming and existing Schools can partner with Podar Education Network.

Why Partner with us

Global Recognition

Benefit from association with one of India’s leading education brands. The Podar Education Network has a rich legacy of over 95years and a strong reputation for delivering quality education.

Staff Training and Development

Our professional development programs enhance the skills and expertise of the faculty, empowering them to deliver high-quality education.

Extensive Network

Join our network of 144 Podar International Schools & 100+ Podar Partner Schools located across multiple countries. Benefit from our established presence and expertise in managing schools worldwide.

Quality Education

Podar Innovation Center will provide the Partner School with Podar’s award-winning curriculum and detailed lesson plans which are regularly updated. Suggested period allocation will also be shared.

Advantage for Parents with Transferable Jobs

We understand the challenges faced by parents with transferable jobs. As a Podar Education Network partner, when families are transferred back to India, their children will receive first preference in admissions at any Podar International School pan India.

Partnership Opportunities

– Establishing New Schools –

Collaborative Planning and Implementation

We provide comprehensive support in planning and setting up new schools, ensuring a smooth transition from inception to operation.

Branding and Marketing Assistance

Leverage the Podar brand and our marketing expertise to promote your school effectively in the target market.

Access to Global Best Practices

Benefit from our experience and exposure to international best practices, enabling your school to offer a world-class education

Curriculum and Pedagogy Support

Gain access to our well-structured curriculum, teaching methodologies, and assessments aligned with CBSE or ICSE standards.

– Converting Existing Schools –

Assessing Potential Conversion Candidates

We assist in evaluating existing schools for conversion, identifying opportunities for improvement and alignment with CBSE or ICSE curriculum.

Extensive academic support from Podar Innovation Center (PIC)

PIC will provide the School with Podar’s award-winning curriculum and detailed lesson plans which are regularly updated. Suggested period allocation will also be shared.

Staff Training and Development

Our professional development programs enhance the skills and expertise of your faculty, empowering them to deliver high-quality education.

Rebranding and Market Positioning

Reinvigorate your school’s brand identity and market positioning under the prestigious Podar umbrella, attracting students and parents seeking quality education.

Case Study - Podar Pearl School, Doha (Qatar)


In 2021, Podar Education Network, a leading education provider in India, entered into a partnership Pearl School in Doha, Qatar. Pearl School was an existing CBSE school seeking a strategic partnership to enhance its academic quality. The partnership aimed to leverage Podar Education Network’s expertise and resources to drive positive transformation and elevate Pearl School’s standing in the Middle East.


Pearl School had been operating as a CBSE school in Doha, Qatar, and while it had a good reputation, it recognized the need for further improvement to meet the evolving educational landscape. With a vision to offer a world-class education and provide better opportunities for its students, Pearl School sought the support of a trusted partner. This is when Podar Education Network entered the scene, bringing its decades of experience in the education sector and a commitment to excellence.

Transformation Process

In 2022, Pearl School underwent a rebranding and emerged as “Podar Pearl School,” symbolizing the formalization of the partnership between Pearl School and Podar Education Network.

The transformation process was comprehensive and focused on enhancing various aspects of the school’s academic structure and administration.

Academic Support


Academic Support

Podar Education Network, renowned for its robust curriculum and pedagogical approach, extended its proven lesson plans and examination strategies to Podar Pearl School. By incorporating these time-tested methodologies, the school aimed to elevate the teaching and learning experience for students and ensure uniformity in the academic standard.

Teacher Training


Teacher Training

To empower educators and equip them with contemporary teaching methodologies, multiple training sessions were conducted by Podar Education Network. These sessions aimed to enhance teaching skills, implement innovative teaching techniques, and foster a student-centric approach in the classroom. The objective was to create a dynamic learning environment that nurtures the potential of each student.

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

Regular audits were carried out by Podar Education Network to assess and monitor the progress of Podar Pearl School’s transformation journey. These audits allowed for timely feedback and corrective measures, ensuring the continuous improvement of teaching practices and administrative processes.

Teacher Recruitment


Teacher Recruitment

Recognizing the importance of talented and passionate educators, Podar Education Network assisted Podar Pearl School in the recruitment of highly qualified teachers. This collaborative effort ensured that the school had a competent faculty committed to providing exceptional education to its students.


The partnership between Podar Education Network and Podar Pearl School proved to be a resounding success. The dedication and combined efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the overall quality of education at Podar Pearl School. As a result of the transformation, the school’s reputation soared, positioning it as one of the leading CBSE schools in the Middle East.

Impact on Admissions

With the enhancement in academic quality, word quickly spread about the positive changes at Podar Pearl School. The improved reputation attracted more students and parents seeking high-quality education, leading to a substantial increase in student admissions.


The collaboration between Podar Education Network and Pearl School in Doha, culminating in the establishment of Podar Pearl School, stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in the field of education. Through shared expertise, training, and a commitment to excellence, the school underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a beacon of academic brilliance in the Middle East. The success of Podar Pearl School showcases the potential for positive change and growth that can be achieved through collaboration and a shared vision for educational excellence.

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