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Podar Smarter Schools

A specially designed initiative by Podar Education Network that focuses on raising the quality of CBSE / ICSE schools across the Country.

We are very aware of the fact that the only way the Schools will be successful in the long run is by delivering Quality Education.
Podar Smarter Schools is a revolutionary initiative with the potential of changing the shape of Education in India.

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Podar International Schools
Podar Learn Schools
Podar Curriculum Consultancy Schools
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Option 1

Podar Learn School

Setting up and providing complete all-round Assistance to a new School in Semi urban and rural towns – Right from the Construction phase.

Podar Learn School was born out of the ideology of extending complete support to aspiring schools with an explicitly designed curriculum that focuses on increasing the quality of CBSE and ICSE schools across the country.

Option 2

Podar Curriculum Consultancy

Complete Academic Support to the Partner School.

Podar Curriculum Consultancy is an initiative that will upgrade the academics of an aspiring or existing CBSE or ICSE school by providing the School with Podar Education Network’s award winning Lesson Plans, Curriculum, exams etc.

Podar Innovation Center

At Podar, we ensure that the quality of education is of the highest quality in all our schools. All our Lesson plans and exams are set by our extremely experienced Podar Innovation Center.

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Madhya Pradesh: 8976715408   Gujarat: 8657008942