Podar Curriculum Consultancy

Podar Curriculum Consultancy

An initiative that will upgrade the academics of an aspiring or existing CBSE or ICSE school by providing the School with Podar Education Network’s award Winning Lesson Plans, Curriculum, exams etc.

The Partner Schools will benefits greatly be receiving Podar Education network’s heavily researched curriculum and teacher training sessions are also organized.

On association with the Podar Education Network, you will receive:

  • Extensive academic support from Podar innovation Center (PIC). PIC will provide the School with Podar Education Network’s award-winning curriculum and detailed lesson plans which are regularly updated.
  • Suggested period allocation.
  • Teacher’s guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Exam papers.
  • Annual Training sessions from representatives of the Podar Group.
  • The Right to use ‘Academic support by Podar Curriculum Consultancy’ in marketing initiatives.

Why Podar Curriculum Consultancy?

Tailor Made Curriculum and Lesson Plans with Videos

The Podar Group of Schools have been in the field of education since 1927 and have established multiple CBSE schools in small town of India. In most cases, they were the first and only CBSE School in that area with the balance schools being state board/regional language schools. At first the students in these small towns were intimidated by joining an English CBSE schools they spoke limited English and had been studying the state board curriculum their entire academic life. However, Podar has been successful in alienating this fear from the students. A specially designed curriculum team that focuses on a seamless transition being possible for a student who is currently studying in a regional language state board school to an English medium CBSE school. The curriculum focuses on English speaking and technology.

Extensive Academic Support and Lesson plan

Podar Education Network will provide the Partner School with its award-winning curriculum, exam papers, suggested period allocation etc. A unique aspect about Podar Curriculum Consultancy is that the academic team provides the teacher with lesson plans for each and every lesson.

Training Sessions

Podar Education Network organizes regular training sessions for the Partner School so that they are comfortable delivering the Podar curriculum


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Enquiry Form

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You can also contact us on the following numbers:
Maharashtra & Rest of India: 9930962227   Karnataka: 7506932440 / 7517690970
Madhya Pradesh: 8976715408   Gujarat: 8657008942