ICSE Curriculum

ICSE Curriculum

The Podar Smarter Schools has always been willing to bestow a balanced educational program to all the Podar School Franchise, so that the child evolves physically, intellectually, emotionally as well as socially. This is with the help of ICSE, the Best School Curriculum in India that the child is being prepared for global challenges with both activity-based and experimental learning. In short, our ICSE Curriculum School by evoking the power of curiosity and reasoning hand-in-hand is focusing on syllabus and skills.

Let’s have a look at how ICSE Curriculum School develops both independence and wisdom and defines behaviour and attitude.

  • Students who chose the ICSE board in India have an advantage over their peers in tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS.
  • ICSE accreditation is accepted by colleges all across the world, primarily in foreign countries.
  • The syllabus is changed on a regular basis to reflect current world trends.
  • Students can select from a wide range of modern publications as well as international texts.
  • The ICSE curriculum is not just based on textbooks but also has a broader perspective on the children’s overall growth.
  • The ICSE offers more practical application projects and practicals that are more effective than cramming for the course.
  • The evaluation process in ICSE Curriculum School is more objective and qualitative in nature.


The Podar Smarter Schools gives a remarkable chance to those seeking a superior education programme beginning from ICSE Curriculum for Pre Primary to ICSE Curriculum for Higher Secondary, with visionary and experienced management and skilled staff of school specialists. We fundamentally advise you to choose the correct curriculum for formation and operations, knowing that beginning and maintaining a school successfully is a vast, complex, and uphill task. And this is how we, as an ICSE Curriculum School, hold students accountable for making strong commitments to succeed in all areas of their lives!

Podar Smarter Schools has always emphasised self-awareness, curiosity, ingenuity, tenacity, enthusiasm, adaptability, and brave learning, all of which we want our children to possess. As an ICSE Curriculum School, we strive to make every learning experience for our students enjoyable and meaningful, and so we collaborate as a team to promote holistic child development!

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