What is Holistic Education and why is it Important for learners of tomorrow?

What is Holistic Education?

The holistic education concept is based on the philosophy of educating the whole person, beyond just core academics. This approach is gaining popularity in learning circles as schools have started to realise the importance of a strong foundation in a core curriculum.

It’s a new wave of change where educators have realised that in order for a student to succeed they also need to feel supported by a community and to develop a compassionate understanding of the world around them. This is only possible when all aspects of their life are developed, shaped and formed in the initial years – so they become better people and great future leaders!

Teachers play a central role in enacting learning policies. They have the greatest opportunity to help students discover their identities and find meaning in community and world connections.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Education?

  1. All children can benefit academically from holistic education, which takes into account individual learning styles and provides a supportive environment. When children feel physically and emotionally safe and connected to others, their brain capacities are increased, according to the Learning Policy Institute.
  2. A supportive environment focused on social and emotional learning, in addition to academics, allows students to develop self-awareness, confidence, and a sense of social responsibility.
  3. As students are tasked with solving problems that exist in their communities, they develop strong critical-thinking skills. These hands-on projects provide students with skills that will be useful in their adult careers, such as how to gather, analyse, and report data, as well as how to collaborate productively with others.
  4. Studies have found that by focusing on integrated learning concepts, the whole-child approach to education can help reduce the psychological impact of social inequities on academic achievement.

Why is it Important Now?

In today’s society, the need to be well-rounded and having a successful future has become increasingly important. With the world being more competitive than ever, along with global issues such as terrorism and climate change, it is essential that we teach children how to focus on their social, emotional, and ethical development. By doing so, we will help set them up for success in an ever-changing world.

The Social, Emotional and Ethical aspects of education teaches students the importance of values like compassion, empathy, and integrity. These values can help young people in many ways: making better decisions, adding value to the community, and managing the demands of a rapidly changing workplace and society.

It is said that about 65% of the children entering school today will work in jobs that do not exist now. It’s our responsibility to make sure that they not only survive but thrive!

More about Podar Smarter Schools

Podar Smarter Schools has the backing and an experience of over 95 years in education as a part of Podar Education Network. Bringing this experience and the wisdom of teaching to over 200,000 students all across the country – puts us a step ahead than any other school or franchise in the country. It makes us truly special.

We are very opinionated and incredibly supportive of holistic teaching methods as they are what will make the future leaders of tomorrow – truly future ready!