Things to Consider Before Investing in a School Franchise

There is a famous African proverb, which says “tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. This emphasizes the importance of planning and taking an important decision, like a Podar Smarter Schools franchise. So, here are a couple of things we have put together, which you may consider when you invest in a franchise.




Know what you are investing in!

The Podar Education Network was established in 1927 and today has grown to over 136 International schools, 79 Partner Schools and 360 jumbo kid centres, specialized in delivering quality education in both urban and rural areas. Podar Smarter Schools is synonymous with that quality international education, which is most coveted in this day and age. It was Nelson Mandela, who said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, which in itself highlights how education is an indispensable attribute of development in any and every country, as it not only empowers people but also advances human society.

What you need to invest in Podar Smarter Schools?

They say some of the best things in life are free because you can’t put a price on them, and that is how we see our partners at Podar Smarter Schools. So, as we begin this journey there are few requirements, that can be looked at, before we get this partnership started. The first is, you need minimum 1.5 acres of NA land with approx. Rs. 2.5 crores to invest, which is inclusive of building cost. Also, your site location must not have any other Podar school within a 30 Km radius.

The support and growth you get with Podar Smarter Schools

Podar Learn School gets an established Podar International School that is within 100 Km from your site location. This Mentor School will guide you then in successfully running a School, complete with common lesson plans, exams, CBSE/ICSE curriculum, books between Podar Learn School and Podar International School. Our curriculum focuses on technology and English speaking from a young age ensuring students are groomed to be confident. From a non-academic view, Learn Schools get a multi-pronged support system from Vendor recommendations to IT support to training for the school transport system, including regular audit and a fees management system.

High ROI

A find by Assocham estimates that the cost of education has gone by 169% from 2005 to 2011 for primary and secondary education. Considering each schools houses a little over 800 students, the exponential ROI earning potential, the Podar Smarter Schools franchise offers to potential investors, is sensational and gets better with time.

Finally multi-faceted benefits

So, if you are looking to put your land to good use in cultivating the young hearts and minds across the nation, call 9930962227 to invest in Podar Smarter Schools education today, because with the high ROI, your investment pays off in multifaceted ways, including improving the education students receive, the educational reach we offer, and the overall development of society and the nation.