Increasing Wellness in Students

Education is where people selflessly devote themselves to helping others stand on their feet and do well. Over the years, the education field did not only gain recognition but also good return on investment. While most parents want to send their children to the reputed schools in the country, from where world-renowned people have emerged, Schools plays a role in making quality education easily available to every corner of the country.

5 things to look out for before signing a school franchise




All-round wellbeing: Mind, Body & Spirit

Avoiding stress in students is a role where parents and teachers are involved. It thereby helps to conduct self-reflection activities for students to ease the burden and find healthier activities like sports and breathing exercises to release all pent-up stress. It also helps to talk to students about how to deal with the pandemic in the lockdown period, which would involve morale-boosting with an awareness session to help prepare students for what to expect during the challenging lockdown situation.

Focusing on the brighter side

Anxiety management requires pulling students away from negative thoughts and self-criticism. It is vital to train young and impressionable minds in every situation from a position in which they are comfortable. Though new, the pandemic reminds us of the theory of evolution, ‘survival of the fittest’ in mind, body and spirit. We need to listen to the authorities, as they have the best interest for educators and educational institutions in mind. The secret, therefore, lies in trying this out together till we get it right.

A Healthy Mindset

This mindset is the very seed of progress. Hence, it becomes apparent that wellness in students across all academia, including the CBSE and ICSE curriculum, starts with self-realization and has nothing to do with emptying oneself of every responsibility but instead applying oneself on how to function more efficiently in life.

When we talk about secondary emotional and physical wellbeing, here are a few things to look into.

  • Watch the company your child keeps. In case of the wrong company, help them evaluate the situation.
  • Make sure your child gets at least 8 hours of sound sleep a day as it helps rejuvenate both mind and body. It also helps children focus on their studies.
  • Eating breakfast on time because it is the most important meal of the day. Also, include immunity-boosting foods in your child’s diet like broccoli, Indian gooseberry, citrus fruits, spinach, ginger & garlic.

Students’ wellbeing is the need of the hour, and school franchises with both the CBSE and ICSE curriculum are beginning to make student wellbeing integral and cultivate young minds for a bright future.