5 Benefits of Coding And Why every Child Should Learn It

Coding is learning a computer language that helps us communicate with machines, with computers. It’s a set of commands that you can give to a computer in order to perform a task.

But why is it an important skill for a child? Well, the world we live in is changing at a very fast space. Coding is a skill that might lead to many jobs in the future and hence an exposure to it can help the child discover their talent or identify their interest.

Basic coding knowledge will come in handy for every child, as it promotes a problem solving approach, boosts creativity and involves teamwork.

Here are some unmissable benefits of coding that make it an important skill for a young child to have:

  1. It Helps The Child Develop Cognitive Abilities

    Coding for kids helps them develop cognitive skills by teaching them a logical, problem-solving approach similar to that of a computer. This helps them learn to read and write code, and because computational thinking is a mode of thinking that solves practical issues, it may be applied to circumstances other than coding.

  2. It Helps Kids With Communication Skills

    When it comes to learning how to code, it’s a lot like learning a new language. Just as with learning any new language, coding requires some of the same skills such as being able to break things down into simpler terms and communicating effectively. Also, like with learning any new language, there are several benefits and coding is no different!

  3. Inculcates Logical Thinking In Kids

    Coding is a process that helps children understand how to break down big problems into more manageable pieces. This problem-solving method can be used in a variety of fields, such as science or programming.Scientists address difficult questions by formulating hypotheses and then testing them one by one. A programmer debugs an issue by creating intelligent hypotheses and altering pieces of code one at a time to see which one solves the problem.A similar philosophy applies in Mathematics as well.

  4. Children Develop the attitude of not giving up easily

    It’s a great thing for children to learn – if you are not successful in problem-solving, don’t give up easily. Kids should be willing to discover what isn’t working, why it isn’t functioning, and how to fix it until it does. Coders need to go back and forth with their ideas to arrive at a solution. This helps them hone the art of persistence while seeking different ways to reach the answer.

  5. Plethora of Future Opportunities

    Coding can be a very lucrative opportunity for those who are creative and have an entrepreneurial mindset. There have been several accounts of young coders who have used their ideas to create software, apps, games, and websites that have made them wealthy at a young age. There are many stories of young app developers becoming millionaires. Many teenagers who sell their coding and web-design skills online can make enough money to pay for college.

Utilizing more than one sense when learning something can help with memory retention. For example, if you want to teach your child about oranges, you can have them touch, smell, and taste the fruit, in addition to reading about it. Seeing, hearing, touching, and moving help children process information in different ways, which can lead to a better understanding and remembering of what they learned.

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