Podar Smarter Schools has always been assertive about child-centric education. Therefore, taking the education sector forward as Podar School Franchise, we offer a kind of learning that is both interactive and experiential. Our ICSE Curriculum and CBSE Curriculum stand on the pillar of innovation and serves the different learning styles of students through different approaches. Our teaching methodology is a mix of several audiovisuals, presentations and projects. Hence, we haven’t only set a benchmark in facilitating the Best Curriculum for Schools but also changed the face of conventional learning in India by magnifying the Importance of the school curriculum.

Let’s have a look at the tutoring phases that our educators are trained for; to building independent learners and a liberated society for the future.

As an entrepreneur, you may always have a second thought about choosing which curriculum is best in India?

Here’s the answer! Beginning from pre-primary till the higher secondary schooling, both our Podar International School Franchise ICSE and CBSE curriculum are inclined towards recognizing student’s multiple intelligence. For this, mentioned below are the certain approaches that we adopt for amplifying the Best Curriculum for Schools service sector.

Best Curriculum For Schools Service Sector.

  • Active and Process/Product Based Learning
  • Reflective Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Integrated and Interdisciplinary learning
  • Research and Referral
  • Out of the Box thinking