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    Podar Learn School

    Setting up and providing complete all-round Assistance to a new School in Semi urban and rural towns – Right from the Construction phase.

    Podar Learn School was born out of the ideology of extending complete support to aspiring schools with an explicitly designed curriculum that focuses on increasing the quality of CBSE and ICSE Schools across the country.

    In this option, we handhold the partners in all aspects of setting up and operating the school – From the construction phase to successfully running a full-fledged School.

    On association with Podar Education Network, you will receive:

    • School building design and specification for both interiors and exteriors.
    • Guidance in the purchase of Furniture, School equipment, Classroom Technology, Books and Uniforms.
    • Assistance during Teacher Recruitment.
    • Extensive academic support from Podar Innovation Center (PIC). PIC will provide the School with Podar’s award winning curriculum and detailed lesson plans which are regularly updated. Suggested period allocation.
    • Teachers’ guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities.
    • Exam papers.
    • Allocation of a Mentor Podar International School close to the Podar Learn School location.
    • Regular audits and Training sessions from representatives of Podar Education Network.
    • Support for the board affiliation procedure as well as necessary knowhow, guidance and consultancy.
    • Support and training for the Transport System.
    • The Right to use ‘PODAR LEARN SCHOOL’ in your School name.


    To qualify for a Podar Learn School franchise, please note the minimum requirements:

    • Minimum 1.5 acre of land at a suitable location.
    • To set up a school, the initial capital required is approx Rs 2.5 Crore (this amount includes the cost of the building). Assistance in bank tie-ups can be provided by Podar.
    • The Podar Learn Schools are planned to be established in the smaller towns of India.
    • Apart from the above, we are also looking for the passion and commitment to run the school.

    Why Podar Learn School?

    Same Quality Education as Podar International School

    The Podar Learn School will receive the same Quality Education that is being imparted in Podar International School. The Podar Learn School gets the same Lesson Plans, Exams, Curriculum, Books as Podar International School so you can be rest assured that the quality of education is very high.

    Support in recruitment

    Podar Education Network will provide assistance with regards to recruitment of the Podar Learn School’s school staff.

    Assistance in procuring Permissions

    Podar Education Network will advise the Podar Learn School with regards to the steps involved in obtaining School board permissions.

    Regular Trainings and Audits

    Podar Education Network organizes regular training sessions for the Partner School. There are also frequent audit visits by Podar representatives at the Podar Learn School.

    Extensive Support starting from the Building Construction Phase

    Podar Education Network will handhold the Podar Learn School right from the construction phase. The Partner School will receive support in the School building design, interior/exterior specifications as well as guidance with regards to purchase of Furniture, School equipment, Classroom Technology, Books and Uniforms.


    Podar Education Network will be undertaking national publicity campaigns covering all its educational initiatives. The Podar Learn School will also receive designs for various advertising initiatives from Podar Education Network that they undertake locally in their target area

    Mentor School

    Since the Podar International Schools reach is so wide (135 schools), each Podar Learn School is given an existing Podar International School as a mentor School. The Mentor Podar International School is normally within 50km of the Podar Learn School. The Mentor School does regular audits of the PLS and since it’s an existing running school, the mentor School helps clarify all the doubts the Podar Learn School may have. There are regular interactions between the Podar Learn School Principal and the Mentor School principal.


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